“Aki nemet mondott a Wal-Martnak”

A hét eleje óta Paul Holmes, a mértékadó Holmes Report alapító-szerkesztője is blogol. Már talált is egy csomó érdekes témát, például:

“…he looked into a future of supplying lawn mowers and snow blowers to Wal-Mart and saw a whirlpool of lower prices, collapsing profitability, offshore manufacturing, and the gradual but irresistible corrosion of the very qualities for which Snapper was known. Jim Wier looked into the future and saw a death spiral.”

“So Wier said no to Wal-Mart. He admits he sometimes second-guesses that decision: “I could go to my grave, and my tombstone could say, ‘Here lies the dumbest CEO ever to live. He chose not to sell to Wal-Mart.’”

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